Wedding Entertainment Ideas

For those of you looking for asian wedding entertainment ideas, maybe this will help you. There are a number of things that you can do to make your wedding memorable. You can hire Bollywood dancers, magicians, Bollywood string quartets, DHOL players and drummers, Bollywood pianist, and more.

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A wedding magician is a close up form of entertainment that is great for large and small groups of guests. The magician can make it truly entertaining for everyone by making magic happen in from of everyone. The magician that you choose should be able to manipulate, read, and predict people to create a wonderful magical atmosphere.

DHOL Players and Drummers

DHOL players and drummers have played at Asian weddings for years. The players dress up in traditional dress that is suitable for your wedding. The beats of the Panjabi instrument will have your guests clapping their hands and put a smile on their faces. You should be able to choose any style of DHOL drummers that you would like for your wedding.

Bollywood Violinist

A Bollywood violinist should give you a sophisticated sound to your wedding. You can have the music be soft and in the background or loud and full of life. It all depends on what you would like to do on your special day.


Having a Saxophonist come play on your special day will give your day that added feel of sophistication. You should be able to find one that can perform for your civil or church ceremony and that can play most any style of music such as gospel, Bollywood, jazz, classical, or pop. You can have just one person play for you or two or more people play. Some of the most popular options that you may find for our wedding day are solo saxophonists, duo saxophonist with piano, and saxophone quartet.

Bollywood Band

If you like listening to Bollywood type music, you should find a band that plays Bollywood. You should be able to find a band that has a passion for music and who have had years of experience playing for audiences. Some of the songs that they should be able to play are OmShaanit Om, Samah Hai Suhana, Bachana Ay Haseeno, Mere Sapno Ki Rani, and Weh JawaniI Feel Good. If you are not sure what the band can play, ask to see their play list.

Fire Performers 

For those of you who would like to watch something that is crazy and that will be very entertaining for your guest, you should hire fire performers. The performers should be able to a number of thing with fire such as spinning fire, fire fans, fire limbo, fire hula hoop, and fire eating and breathing. The company that you choose should know how to handle fire and should be a safe and entertaining company to watch. Having fire performers should make your wedding very memorable.

So as you can see there are a number of Asian wedding entertainment ideas that you can choose from on your special day.